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A few of the technical terms applied to certain forms of sex attraction are the following. The adolescent tendency to find one's own body sexually attractive is called narcissism. The name is derived from a Greek myth about a youth, Narcissus, who fell in love with a fair form which he saw in the waters of a pool but which proved to be the reflection of his own body. An attachment of a boy to his mother which is so deeply emotional as to be clearly sexual in origin, is called an Oedipus complex, from the Greek tragedy by Sophocles, and the attachment of a girl to her father is called an Electra complex. The general term, parental attachment, is coming to replace these classical names. A last term to be mentioned is homosexuality, which means being sexually attracted to one of the same sex. This is such a common phenomenon of adolescence and is so dependent upon social conditions which are within our control that a special discussion of it is in order.


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