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The CLITORIS is situated just above the vaginal entrances the upper end of the labia majora and is partially hidden by the labia minora. The clitoris is homologous or similar to the penis in the male and consists of a small erectile shaft and' a glans which is highly sensitive. Like the penis it is composed of erectile tissue which hardens on physical or psychic stimulation. As stated earlier, the glans of the clitoris is covered by the hood or prepuce formed by the union of the upper part of the two small lips.

POSITION AND SIZE OF THE CLITORIS: The shaft of thexlitoris may be as thick as a lead pencil and about two centimetres long or it may be longer and thinner. The size varies considerably from female to female. The glans is usually a little smaller than a green-pea. However, the glans increases appreciably in size in women who masturbate frequently. The position of the clitoris on the front of the symphysis pubis is variable. In the past, sexologists erroneously believed that the clitoris came in direct contact with the penis during coitus. The lower the position of the clitoris on the symphysis pubis and the longer its size, the better would be its contact with the penis and the greater the response in the female.


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