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Heart disease kills more people in the Western world than almost all other diseases together, including cancer. The astonishing irony is that heart disease is the most easily preventable disease, yet the most serious of our time.

I know some men have the attitude that, when it comes to heart health, it's a question of 'When my time's up, my time's up'. Unfortunately, they haven't thought about the possibility of surviving a heart attack or stroke. Survivors often have a severely impaired quality of life. Consider life in a wheelchair or with a speech impediment. Not a great prospect for the rest of your years on earth!

There is a lot we now know about preventative health in relation to heart disease and yet there is rarely a concerted effort or plan to incorporate it into our lifestyle. Sadly, that often happens after the event. For example, we know from the education of the 80s and 90s that exercise is imperative. Exercise, along with a diet low in saturated fat, is a great preventative.

In my clinical experience it is often just a matter of inspiring men to follow an easy daily guide. This keeps their hearts ticking along nicely with the confidence that they are doing all in their power to lower their risk of disease before it happens. It is not necessary to eliminate all the good things in life. It is a question, as always, of balance.


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